Our team has the depth and drive to successfully service our clients general legal requirements, this ability is supplemented by our capacity to draw on a vast network of multi-disciplinary experts.


BBP Law Attorneys standard fee structure for non-litigious matters is based on hourly rates determined by both the level of expertise of the attorney, complexity and urgency of the matter.

Our professionals are also guided by the applicable tariffs set out by the profession in respect of litigation and conveyancing matters.  Our billing principles ensures full transparency on all work done by our professionals, this is to ensure that clients are briefed on what work will be done, the possible scenarios that may unfold, from the time the instruction is given up to the finality thereof. We also observe the applicable provisions of S35 of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014.

We also apply a flat rate change for certain attendances which are general in nature, this is to ensure that clients won’t be charged excessively for work which can be handled by our business support staff.