BBP Law Attorneys remains a niche South African legal practice with a foundation of over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector but also provides an expanded range of general legal services to our clients.

Our team of professionals are committed to providing our established and emerging clients with the best available legal expertise and support we can offer, as we appreciate the practical commercial business realities and challenges that exist. Our professionals are not only attorneys but also business minded individuals, in this way, we are able to meaningfully contribute to the enhancement of your own business, as our comprehensive experience combined with the relationships that we have developed over the years, makes our practice a clear choice for your legal service requirements.



Rescinding Judgments on ITC Dispute Resolution & Litigation
27th February 2024

Got Bad Credit? Clear Your Name Legally! (Rescinding Judgments on ITC)

Many South Africans unknowingly carry judgements on their credit reports (ITC). These are legal orders against you for unpaid debts and can hinder your ability to get loans, buy a…
Unmarried Father Rights Family Law
26th February 2024

Unmarried Dads in South Africa: Understanding Parental Rights

Being an unmarried dad in South Africa comes with unique questions about your rights and responsibilities towards your child. While the law prioritizes the mother's role, the Children's Act acknowledges…
dividing assets in divorce Family Law
23rd February 2024

Untangling Your Finances After Divorce: A Guide for South Africans

Imagine building a beautiful sandcastle with your partner, each contributing grains and shells. What happens when the tide rises, symbolizing a divorce? This is where the matrimonial property system you…

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