Matthew Ashworth

Senior Associate

Matthew is an admitted Attorney of the High Court and currently practices within the rapidly expanding civil and criminal litigation and commercial law department at BBP Law Inc.

Matthew specialises in various fields of litigation in both the Magistrate and High Courts, advising clients locally and internationally on civil matters relating to contractual disputes, property law disputes and various other facets of commercial litigation. Since joining the firm, Matthew initially specialized in civil litigation and criminal law matters but has now diversified the practice to include family law, estate planning and general commercial litigation. Matthew has actively represented clients from various sectors such as oil and gas, liquor, insurance, civil engineering, franchising, construction, and property industries.

Matthew places integrity and professionalism as paramount in the service to clients in all walks of life.


Matthew’s experience in various aspects of law include, but are not limited to:

Corporate & Commercial

  • We are instructed to institute a damages claim in excess of R22 million, arising from the City’s unlawful conduct by unlawfully creating a diversion on a busy roadway which directed traffic away from our Client’s filling station. Judgment was granted in our favour. Arguments on the merits have been granted in Client’s favour, arguments on quantum of the damages claim is currently being heard.
  • Defended a damages claim instituted against Client in excess of R 10 million. Matter was settled with the Plaintiff’s agreeing to pay Client’s legal costs.
  • Defending a damages claim resulting from a fire. Claim is in excess of R 3 million.
  • Defending a damages claim resulting from an alleged contractual breach. Claim is in excess of R3 million.
  • We were instructed to institute a claim for professional services rendered in the sum of R977 000.00. We successfully obtained judgment and executed on the Order.
  • We are defending a damages claim in excess of R1.5 million.
  • We are defending a damages claim in excess of R10 million.
  • We defended a claim based on a contractual dispute in excess of R88 million.
  • We are defending a claim based on a suretyship agreement in excess of R750 000.00.
  • Advising on potential director liability for alleged breach of fiduciary duties.
  • Setting up and registering a business on Companies and Intellectual Property Commission “(CIPC”).
  • Drafting of commercial related agreements which include: Shareholders Agreements, Commercial Lease Agreements and Commercial Sale Agreements.
  • Removal of delinquent directors in the Western Cape High Court.
  • Director’s responsibilities in terms of the Companies Act.

Labour Law

  • Chairing disciplinary hearings.
  • Attending at CCMA hearings on behalf of the employer or employees.
  • Assisting on the mediation of employment disputes.
  • Undertaking litigation in relation to the dismissal of employees.
  • Instituting and defending review applications including the drafting of all pleadings and associated interlocutory applications.
  • Drafting statements of claim, statements of defence and pleadings.
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts including employment policies and procedures.
  • Drafting of pleadings in the Labour Court.

Oil & Gas

  • Represented ASX listed IOC in urgent High Court Applications relating to the liquidation of a joint venture partner and Breach of Agreement, including preparation of matter, affidavits, consulting with clients and Counsel.
  • Assisting client with arbitrations in terms of section 12(b) of the Petroleum Products Act.
  • Dealing with disputes referred to the Controller of Petroleum Products.

Dispute Resolutions

  • Magistrate and High Court procedures.
  • Mediation and settlement negotiation.
  • Advised on various Homeowners Association disputes.
  • Representing clients in arbitrations and regulatory tribunals.
  • Represented client in negotiations against one of South Africa’s Top Banking Institutions defending a claim in excess of ZAR 88 million.

Real Estate

  • Urgent applications brought before the High Court relating to breach of lease contracts.

Family Law

  • Launching and defending Maintenance Applications.
  • Divorces.
  • Protection Applications.

General Litigation In The High Court And Magistrates Court

  • Drafting and defending of summonses.
  • Drafting and Defending Eviction Applications.
  • Drafting and defending various other interlocutory applications.

Criminal Law

  • Attended on various trials and opposed bail applications.

  • Featured Cover and Article – Energy Decisions 2017.

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