“R2000 a Day? Don’t Fall for the Get-Rich-Quick Trap!”

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Scrolling through social media, you’ve probably seen those posts: “Make R2000 a Day – Ask Me How!” Especially in tough economic times, these promises can be tempting. But before you jump in, understand the legal landscape in South Africa when it comes to “get-rich-quick schemes.”

What are Get-Rich-Quick Schemes?

 These schemes lure people with the promise of easy wealth without much effort. Common examples include pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

  • Pyramid Schemes: Here, participants pay a fee to join a hierarchy. Profits come from recruiting new members, not selling a product.
  • Ponzi Schemes: These schemes promise high investment returns, but don’t actually invest your money. Instead, they pay out early investors with funds from later recruits. The scheme collapses when new members stop joining.

Are Multi-Level Marketing Schemes Legal?

 Not all multi-level marketing is illegal. Here’s how to distinguish:

  • Products or Services: Legitimate schemes sell actual products or services. Pyramid schemes often have no real product.
  • Investment vs. Sales: If the focus is on recruiting to make money, not selling a product, it’s likely a pyramid scheme. Real investments should generate profits from the investment itself.

The Law Says No to Get-Rich-Quick Schemes:

 The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) of 2008 protects South Africans from these scams. Section 43 (2) specifically prohibits:

  • Pyramid Schemes: Structures where profits depend on recruiting more members, not selling products.
  • Ponzi Schemes: Schemes that pay out early investors with funds from later recruits.

What Happens if You Get Involved?

 Participating in these schemes is risky. If the scheme collapses, recovering your money is unlikely. However, you can potentially press charges against the perpetrators for fraud, theft, or reckless trading.

Don’t Be a Victim!

 If you’re unsure about an investment opportunity, seek professional advice. Contact us! Our team can explain your options and help you avoid falling prey to get-rich-quick scams.


Remember: Real wealth often comes from hard work and smart investments. Don’t be lured by unrealistic promises.





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