Short-changed by Your Employer? Get What You Deserve!

rights regarding employee benefits

Medical aid, pension contributions, phone allowances – these benefits are more than just perks; they’re part of your total compensation package. But what if your employer decides to withhold these payments, leaving you financially strapped? Don’t suffer in silence! Here’s a breakdown of your rights and how to get what you’re owed.

The Law is on Your Side:

The South African Constitution (Section 23) guarantees fair labour practices. This means your employer has a legal obligation to fulfil their promises, as outlined in your employment contract. This includes paying your salary in full, along with any agreed-upon benefits like medical aid contributions, housing allowances, or cellphone plans.

Taking Action When Benefits Go Missing:

 Here are some powerful steps you can take if your employer fails to deliver:

  • Report to the Labour Department: Don’t be afraid to speak up! File a complaint with the Department of Labour. A dedicated inspector will investigate your case and ensure your employer follows the law.
  • Contract Law to the Rescue: Your employment contract is your legal shield. It details your specific benefits and salary. If your employer breaches this contract by withholding payments, you have grounds to claim compensation for the lost benefits.
  • CCMA: Your Champion: The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) is a valuable resource. You can file a dispute (Form 7.11) within 30 days of your employer’s missed payment deadline. The CCMA can help resolve the issue through negotiation or arbitration.

Time is of the Essence:

There are time limits for filing complaints. Missing these deadlines can make it harder to get your benefits. If you miss the 30-day window, you might need to apply for an extension (condonation).

Don’t Let Them Get Away with It:

Failing to pay benefits like PAYE (tax) or UIF (unemployment insurance) is a serious offence. It’s not just a broken promise – it’s illegal. Employers who withhold these payments can face criminal charges for theft or fraud.

Get the Help You Deserve:

Facing unpaid benefits can be stressful. Don’t go through this alone! Contact us at BBP Law Attorneys! Our experienced team can guide you through the CCMA process, explain your rights in detail, and fight to ensure you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to.

Remember: You’ve worked hard for your benefits. Don’t let your employer short-change you! Take action and get what you deserve.

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