Got a Summons? Don’t Freak Out! What You Need to Know

what is a summons

What is a Summons?

A summons is a legal document delivered by the sheriff, officially informing you about a lawsuit against you. It details the claim against you and what the plaintiff (the person who filed the lawsuit) wants from you.

Why Ignoring it’s Bad:

Ignoring a summons is your biggest mistake. It allows the plaintiff to get a judgment against you in your absence, which gives them the legal right to seize and sell your belongings to recover the debt.

Understanding a Summons:

Ever received a mysterious notice from the sheriff? Don’t panic! This might be a summons, the first step in a legal case against you.

Taking Action:

  1. Read the Summons: It explains the case and what’s expected from you.
  2. Ask the Sheriff: Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the process.
  3. Seek Legal Help: Consider filing a notice to defend within 10 days to counter the claims and potentially avoid judgment.

Avoiding Judgment:

Consulting an attorney early can be crucial. They can help you:

  • Build your defense and present your side of the story.
  • Negotiate with the creditor to settle the debt or arrange a payment plan.

Latest Trend:

Due to the increasing number of online scams, understanding legal documents like summonses is more crucial than ever. Many people are unsure what to do when they receive a summons from the sheriff. Ignoring it can lead to severe consequences, like having your assets seized and sold!


Receiving a summons from the sheriff can be a frightening experience. However, before succumbing to panic, remember that seeking legal guidance is your best course of action. Don’t face this challenging situation alone – contact our experienced legal team today for a consultation. We can help you understand the summons, explore your options, and develop a strategy to defend your case. We can also attempt to negotiate a favourable settlement with the creditor on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take control of the situation. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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