BBP Law expands its operations with the addition of four new consultants

By 6th April 2020News

BBP Law is pleased to announce the expansion of its consulting team with the addition of four new seasoned consulting attorneys.  This is the first step taken by Barrisford Petersen, the Managing Director of BBP Law, and Bobby Lanham-Love, the founder and proprietor of Lanham-Love Attorneys based in Johannesburg, to build a closer working relationship.  BBP Law will now also have a branch office in Johannesburg operated out of the offices of Lanham-Love Attorneys.

Joining BBP Law from Lanham-Love Attorneys are Mr Bobby Lanham-Love, Mr Gavin Smith and Ms Joe-Marie Momberg.  In addition, we have Ms Alexandra Burger based in Cape Town who will be joining the consulting team.  Alexandra also runs a specialist consultancy dealing in corporate, banking and finance matters.  Set out above are links to the profiles of each of the consultants.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Barrisford Petersen
Managing Director

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